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About Rick Louis

Rick’s first plays were produced in New York City,

at the Manhattan Punchline and the West Bank.

After relocating to Los Angeles, he got a call from iconic writer/director/producer Jerry Zucker, who hired Rick to work on a movie project in development at Paramount Pictures. Rick went on to become lead writer for National Banana, an online production company specializing in satirical comedy, and to co-write TV pilots for TBS and MTV. Rick has worked as a story analyst for Alcon Entertainment, 2S Films, Amazon Studios, Darius Films, Zucker Productions, and numerous private clients. 

Outside the entertainment industry, Rick has managed communications for a nonprofit, coordinated a journalist training program, and worked in film marketing. He works with writers on crafting their novels, memoirs, plays, screenplays, essays, articles, and short stories. He works with businesses and nonprofits to develop messaging and branding.  

Rick is the author of the graphic memoir,

Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars, illustrated by Lara Antal, published by Abrams ComicArts

My latest projects

Client Testimonials

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.48.38 PM.jpg

Rick Louis has given me invaluable help with my screenplays and written some viciously brilliant sketch material for me. He has also written or rewritten almost every speech I've given in the last five years. The only reason I've never given him credit is that they've all been really well received. 

Zucker Productions

Rick consistently exceeds my expectations. He understands the nonprofit sector and how to connect people to a cause, and has provided me with invaluable help in developing fundraising messaging and materials. Rick's creativity—and ability to turn a job around quickly!—make him an asset to any organization he works with. 


Three Stones Consulting


We've used Rick for coverage and script consultation numerous times, and will continue to do so. He provides smart, thoughtful and useful feedback that has been helpful in our development process. 


Darius Films

Rick is responsive, sensitive to the needs of a

first-time novelist, and really bears down on the manuscript. He knows my characters and narrative better than I do! 




I’ve been working with Rick over the span of 10 years. He’s my go-to expert when I need the very best presentations and reports, ones that incorporate excellent writing with graphic elements. My clients are discerning academics or boards of trustees with high standards. It’s very reassuring that Rick is so consistently on time and easy to work with. We’ve never missed a deadline! 

Rick not only has one of the sharpest minds around, but one of the funniest as well! 

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.19.38 PM.png

Rick provided invaluable editorial feedback while helping one of our authors to revise his first book.

I heard nothing but praise from the writer, and the final manuscript was the best version of itself.

I highly recommend partnering with Rick for any creative writing project!

Rick Louis is an excellent, thoughtful and creative writer and editor. He has helped make sure that our clients’ messaging really stands out! I highly recommend Rick's services if you are looking to uplevel your marketing and communications. 


Firefly Strategies

Rick has the keenest eye for plot I've ever encountered. He's able to tell me what it is I'm writing clearer than I can define it myself. After seeing my plot through his eyes, whole new worlds of possibilities open up to me. He's saved me from slaving over countless pages that would have only been cut later by helping me see more distinctly where it is my story's going. 




Rick is an invaluable reader. His critiques of scripts are always spot-on and delivered in a concise manner. Rick is great at being able to look at material both for its quality and its relevance to our company. He understands the marketplace and trends as well as the mechanics of writing. 

Rick has been immensely valuable to us -- his creativity and thoughtfulness, his incredible range, and his ability to anticipate and meet our needs and those of our clients, have made him a highly valued team member. I recommend him wholeheartedly as a writer and editor on just about any project. 


Rick Louis's script analysis and writing skills are unsurpassed. If you want help improving whatever you're working on, to make it AS GOOD AS IT CAN BE... Rick is the consultant and editor for you. 

Count on Rick to give you insightful and candid advice on your manuscript. He brings a wide range of experience to his edits and can bear down on what your project needs to attract a mainstream trade publisher.




Rick produced a professional quality newsletter that was always on time and well edited. He worked with a variety of different personalities and treated everyone with respect and conscientiousness. Rick’s work was essential to communicating with community and organizational membership. With Rick on our team, I never had to worry about the newsletter, which was such a relief. 

I'm a first-time author, and Rick helped me edit my book of essays before publication. His editing expertise has improved the overall quality of my manuscript exponentially. Two of the essays in the book have even been accepted for publication in literary journals! He is also a genuinely friendly and funny guy. Working with him has been a blessing and a pleasure.



I've worked with Rick on several projects. He's able to compile a vast amount of information into succinct storylines for a variety of audiences. He provides a fast turnaround and is responsive to updates and last-minute wordsmithing.

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